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Rule the earth as Kings, not slaves

September 15, 2010 - An important step toward getting on in life is for a man to realize that his greatest enemy is himself.

No amount of complaining about one's circumstances, past, boss, bank account, or political leaders will move him forward. He must take responsibility for that which is under his control namely, his own life.

The Bible tells us that God ordained men to rule the earth as kings (Gen.1:28).

In this role, human beings are to wisely cultivate all that God brings into their care.

And as they do, they fulfill their highest purpose and bring glory to God.

Too often the reality is that men do not live as kings, but slaves. Instead of governing the domain that God has given them, they sit as in chains waiting for their lot in life to somehow improve.

But it never does improve, because the life of a slave remains the same day after miserable day.

The good news is that men do not have to continue on as slaves. Jesus Christ came to set men free from sin and guilt, fear and folly, so that they would live as the kings God destined them to be.

How can this be?

The Bible tells us that those who have faith in Christ live in union with Him.

We have been buried with Him in baptism and raised up with Him so that we would walk in the newness of life (Rom.6:4). The old things have passed away, and new things have come (2 Cor.5:17).

A consequence of this new life is that men are restored to their kingly status.

They need not live bound in servitude to all that holds them back.

This is confirmed in that the Bible tells us that those who have faith in Christ are seated with Him in the heavenly places (Eph.2:6).

In other words, all who humbly believe are put in the exalted position of co-regents with Jesus Christ.

But merely being in this position does not mean that a man will automatically govern his life and all that is in it as a good king should.

Tragically, unbelief may lead him to continue to live as a slave though the chains of his captivity have been cut off, and the doors of his prison stand open.

Whenever a man is unmindful of his true status before God, and gives way to his fears and evil desires, he lives as a slave.

But when a man believes what God has done for him in Christ, he is able to bring his life under control and rule as a king.

The purpose of this kingly status, is not to lord it over others. It's to serve, just as the King of kings, who not come to be served, but to serve and give His life a ransom for many (Mt.20:28).

It's as men faithfully rule in the place that He has appointed for them that His kingdom advances.

How many lives would be richly improved if we would focus less on complaining and excuse-making and lived as the kings God has in mind for us to be?

In a day when so many are paralyzed by hopelessness, reasserting our role as kings is exactly what we need. All it takes is faith in the One who has crowned us with glory and majesty (Ps.8).

The Rev David Bostrom is pastor of Seeds for the Harvest Ministries.

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