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Letter to the editor

Debate how to keep city identity

September 15, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I applaud the decision to cancel the forum on Oct. 4 to discuss the dissolution of the City of Clarkston.

These types of events, hastily planned, and not well-communicated, will only bring in those who support the issue at hand. We need to have lengthy discussions and debate, and take our time to completely settle the issue.

When my wife, daughter, and I moved into Clarkston in 2005, we moved from Independence Township and we wanted to get back to a small community life.

I am unhappy with the loss of the Police Department but that is not the only thing that makes up this community. Can you do better –YES! Should we just give up – NO! We should not be making hasty decisions or starting petitions when the long term result would be impossible to overturn.

I believe these types of actions were of the type that resulted in the loss of the Police Department. The entire community was not fully engaged to properly debate the issue.

A more valid debate that should take place is how we engage the entire community within the City to gain a value for all of us. It can't be just a dollars and cents decision, it has to be based on us keeping our own identity.

I personally do not want the city swallowed up by Independence Township and have our votes diluted within the 35,000+ population of Independence. If that happens, we will lose our identity completely because a much larger voting populace will be making decisions about what happens to us. Many people who only show up for parades and special events will be controlling what happens to our beautiful City.

We need to keep our own identity and work to engage this entire community in making the improvements necessary to satisfy us all. Let's all start working to make this the right CITY for all of its residents.

Michael Sabol


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