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Letter to the editor

Keep Independence's identity too

September 15, 2010 - Dear Editor,

We agree with the idea that a layer of government could and should be dissolved if the city of/village of Clarkston was dissolved.

However we disagree with the notion that long time township residents should drop the Independence Twp. name in favor of Clarkston. There's no reason that both names can't coexist, both have coexisted for 170 years. Why rid the township of it's historically significant name now? Having both names has helped define the community.

Independence Township was given its name by one of its earliest settlers, Joseph Van Sycle, who came to the township in 1834 from Independence, New Jersey. The township was organized in 1837.

The Independence name was used to identify the area/village before the name of the village was changed in 1840.

In 1840 the village was platted and named by Clark brothers, Jeremiah, Nelson W., and Milton H. On December 12, 1840 the Independence post office was transferred to and renamed Clarkston. The village was incorporated in 1884.

We believe that whatever happens to the city of/village of Clarkston should not affect the longstanding, historical Independence Township name. They both can, and should be left alone to coexist.


Michael and Lori Powell

Independence Township

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