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Letter to the editor: Ehman could become 'shining example'

September 15, 2010 - Dear editor,

Cheers to Steve Auger for his letter concerning the proposed Senior Center. Let's hope those in authority will heed his statistics and wisdom.

The village office is a testament to what preserving its location has done for the village.

The Union Church and its expansion, the Sagebrush Cantina returning to its original location, where it now it occupies the same property many businesses thrived on through the years. The Masonic Temple was rebuilt after a devastating fire in its same location, and the Orion Hotel is now an apartment building.

All of these existing buildings have a rich history. How fortunate we are that many have maintained them. So many small towns throughout the state have been boarded up and disappeared.

The Ehman Center could certainly become a shining example of utilization and preservation for all of us.

-Jim Buchman

78 Years an Orionite

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