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Letter to the editor: Listen local, too

September 15, 2010 - Dear editor,

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of hearing the Paint Creek Boys perform at the Lake Orion Library. This is a local group led by twin brothers Don and Ron Whitaker. After the concert I talked to one of the brothers and asked him why they no longer perform at the Gazebo Concert Series on Wednesday nights in downtown Lake Orion. He said no one calls him anymore. They have not performed there in two years.

I know the Lake Orion Village concert organizers want to "give other groups a chance to perform." They booked a lot of them from out of town. But Lake Orion also wants us to shop locally and dine locally.

So why not book a very popular local group next year. The Paint Creek Boys have always been a crowd pleaser whenever they perform.

-Nancy Lee

Orion Township

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