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Hope dogs find a good home, love

September 15, 2010 - Dear Editor,

(In response to, "People just can't afford the food and licenses for their pets," The Citizen, Sept. 4, page 10):

My fiancé and I are the "locals," well not so local, that built and were feeding the dogs for many weeks during this summer. We even ran into one of the DNR officers while we were out there that said they had been trying to catch the dogs. We're from Royal Oak and spend a lot of time hiking in and around the Ortonville area, when we discovered the dogs. I just thought it would be good if you have some real facts about the situation. Our greatest fear was that the dogs would be killed by other wildlife or killed by a hunter. (Bow season is just around the corner). We truly hope that these dogs, the golden and I believe a setter of some sort (black and white) are able to find a home and family that will love them as much as we love our two dogs.

Tiana Hood

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