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Tent-dweller charged with larceny, drug possession

September 22, 2010 - Oakland County Sheriff's deputies recently arrested and charged an 18-year-old Leonard man for multiple crimes related to theft and drugs after he was found living in a tent behind Oxford Middle School.

Robert Anthony Moss was charged with possession of burglary tools, larceny in a building, possession of marijuana (two counts), possession of a controlled substance on school property, possession of a controlled substance under 25 grams and possession of marijuana on school property

He's currently being held in the Oakland County Jail in lieu of posting three bonds – two for $2,500 each and one for $15,000.

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 24 before Judge Rudy Nichols in Oakland County Circuit Court.

On Aug. 17, the OSCD was informed of the whereabouts of Moss, who was living in a tent in a wooded area behind the middle school, which is owned by Crossroads for Youth.

The tent was located approximately 100 yards south of the middle school. Upon approaching the tent, Sheriff's Sgt. Scott Patterson ordered Moss out of the tent, which was searched.

When Sheriff's Detective Jason Louwaert entered the tent, he immediately observed marijuana and smelled the odor associated with the drug, according to the report.

Louwaert also noted in the report that he found "five syringes, one of which contained a clear liquid, a folded piece of paper that contained a plastic bag with an off-white powder in it."

Two spoons, which "appeared to have heroin residue on them," were also found.

Field tests revealed the suspected drugs were in fact heroin and marijuana.

The report stated Moss admitted to Patterson drugs were his and that he's had a heroin problem for approximately two years and "used approximately five times a week."

He also admitted that in order to pay for his heroin problem, he stole money and property from his parents, who knew that he had stolen from them, according to the report.

Moss denied stealing anything from other people.

Other items that were seized from the tent include a cell phone, a folding knife with a broken blade, a pair of tanning glasses, a prepaid card to Great Lakes Crossing, two extra batteries for a blackberry phone, two empty black wallets, a case for a Pioneer car stereo face plate, a pair of Sony earphones, a power inverter, a gun safety lock, and an envelope containing Moss' driver's license and cash.

Moss is also suspected of being involved in the Aug. 14 larceny of a laptop computer from a friend's house.

When Patterson asked Moss about the laptop, the report indicated he admitted that he stayed at his friend's house recently, but denied taking the computer because he did not have a big enough bag in which to fit the laptop.

Moss refused to take a polygraph exam to verify that he was telling the truth and told the investigator that he only wanted to talk about crimes he was being charged with.

According to the report, Moss confessed to stealing a lawn mower from someone, but said the victim got it back.

Patterson confiscated Moss' shoes for evidence to see if they matched prints found at the scene of other break-ins.

Moss was taken to Oakland County Jail. He was charged with larceny in a building for the computer.

Moss was also charged with possession of burglary tools after it was determined he had allegedly attempted to steal items from lockers at Oxford High School in March of this year.

On March 10, he was caught hiding fully clothed in the shower area of the boy's locker room. His locker was searched and they found inside of his jacket a sandwich baggie containing a small amount of marijuana, three pairs of scissors, a lock pick kit, part of an aluminum can and 19 lock shims made from the aluminum can.

According to the report, Moss stated that he was planning to break into the lockers because he needed money. The report stated Moss indicated he would have carried out the crime had he not been caught.

He added that he got the idea from talking to others who previously did it. He learned how to pick locks by watching YouTube videos. He admitted to making the lock picking devices out of the aluminum can and brought them to school to use. The report stated he was planning on breaking into the lockers while his fellow students were in class, but didn't get a chance to use them because he got caught.

Andrew Moser is a staff writer for the Oxford Leader.
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