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Letter to the editor: More on medical marijuana in Michigan

September 22, 2010 - Dear editor,

Thanks to our law enforcement for shutting down illegal pot/marijuana growing and selling joints; otherwise known as marijuana stores.

Growing and selling marijuana is still a crime in Michigan; this act does not change that fact.

The act permits only certain patients with certain illnesses to use, carry, and grow very strict amounts of marijuana for their personal use.

Selling marijuana is still illegal, regardless of whether or not a person has a qualifying illness.

Federal marijuana laws are the laws that the federal government enacts to criminalize marijuana possession, sale, and cultivation.

Each U.S. state also passes their own marijuana laws, but when these laws are in conflict with the federal rules, the federal rules control.

Because the Federal Government does not recognize the marijuana for medical reasons," if you are prosecuted under federal law you will not be able to use any defense involving it.

This means that even if State of Michigan has explicitly authorized someone to grow marijuana, federal agents can still arrest people and can we can be sentenced according to the federal guidelines.

Except in the use of the "legal prescription of 'Marinol' which already exist and comes from the THC in Marijuana" for medicinal purposes thru legal pharmacies.

Last week, a man accused of growing marijuana plants in his Auburn Hills backyard was charged with manufacturing the controlled substance of marijuana.

Judge Peter O'Connell was part of a three-judge panel that affirmed a decision by a lower court to reinstate drug charges against people in Oakland County who were caught with Marijuana plants last year.

Judge Peter O'Connell issued a 30-page opinion on the state's act, sympathizing with prosecutors.

Jessica Cooper, Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney, said: "This (O'Connell's opinion) is the position we've taken for a very long time."

I have been to quite a number of our local township and village meetings in the last several months on this subject, leaving me aghast that growing and selling marijuana illegally would even still be debated.

It should be an open and shut case: the State of Michigan did not give its blessings for marijuana stores nor did voters; it wasn't on the ballot.

Qualified people may grow up to 12 plants per year producing up to 4 lb. of Marijuana per year at $6000 to $8000 each lb; totaling $288,000 - $384,000 per year.

Could or would a severally ill or debilitated person smoke all this Marijuana per year worth thousands of dollars or prefer to sell it for profit?

How sick would a person have to be? What would any reasonable thinking person do?

-John W. Hart

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