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Letter to the editor

Trustees' efforts not to laugh at

September 29, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I watch most of the Township Board meetings on the local cable channel. Our Township Board is not the laughing stock of the entire County.

For Supervisor David Wagner to say that is his excuse for taking the meetings down off the Internet is self-serving and a gross overstatement.

To be certain, there have been many vigorous debates in board meetings which often bring out facts and circumstances that are important for residents to understand, particularly since it is our government.

Just last month a West Bloomfield Township trustee sued that township's supervisor just three months after the same trustee had filed a lawsuit against that township's police department, all arising supposedly out of the conduct of West Bloomfield Township business.

With West Bloomfield and many other communities' Boards and City Councils doing battle, ours is certainly not a laughing stock.

Those on our Township Board who are pushing for greater transparency and visibility of the township's for all the public to see should be encouraged and supported openly. The township belongs to its residents, not its government.

Craig Bennett

Independence Township

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