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Letter to the editor

Reader spots missed opportunity

September 29, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I sent a link to Linda Richardson of the Independence DPW and Neil Wallace, Township trustee, to an EPA grant for $250,000 that could be used for environmental work here.

We qualified, I checked it out, and we most certainly would have received the money, all that had to be done was to fill out an application and write a grant, something I knew how to do and would have done, given the opportunity.

I would have personally benefited from this as there would have actually been work in my career field that I would have been almost guaranteed to be hired for, as the grant was to be used on local projects with local people. I can't tell you why nothing was done about it, all I know is that nothing was done. I assume they didn't think it was important.

Tammie Heazlit, hydrogeologist

Independence Township

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