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Addison Township

Summary of Electric and Gas Supply Franchise Ordinance 10-1

September 29, 2010 - State of Michigan

County of Oakland

Township of Addison

Summary of Electric and Gas Supply Franchise Ordinance 10-1

At a regular Township Board meeting held on September 20th, 2010 the Township Board moved a resolution adopting the Electric and Gas Supply Franchise Ordinance. The summary of the Ordinance is as follows: The purpose of the ordinance is for the consideration and use of the highways, streets, alleys and other public places for operation of a public utility requires the consent of the Township and the transaction of local business in the Township by a public utility requires that a franchise first be obtained. This ordinance is adopted for the purpose of conforming and providing the process, terms and conditions for suppliers of electricity and natural gas to obtain the required consents and franchises and to fully exercise the Township's constitutional authority, which includes the reasonable control of its highways, streets, alleys and public places and for the purpose to promote the health safety and welfare within the Township of Addison.

Section 1: General

Sec. 1-1. Definitions.

Sec. 1-2. Purpose of article; findings.

Sec. 1-3. Franchise required; effect of franchise.

Sec. 1-4. Application requirements.

Sec. 1-5. Processing of application adoption of franchise ordinance.

Sec. 1-6. Acceptance by grantee.

Sec. 1-7. Provisions of article to be incorporated in franchise ordinance.

Sec. 1-8. Term or renewal.

Sec. 1-9. Provisions of article do not constitute waiver of rights by Township.

Sec. 1-10. Notices.

Sec. 1-11. Violations; penalties. Reserved.

Section 2. General Franchise Terms and Conditions

Sec. 2-1. Rights granted by franchise.

Sec. 2-2. Revocation or termination.

Sec. 2-3. Franchise nonexclusive.

Sec. 2-4. Assignment.

Sec. 2-5. Compliance with laws and ordinances.

Sec. 2-6. Disruption or obstruction of right-of-way.

Sec. 2-7. Franchise subject to rights of Township.

Sec. 2-8. Effect of vacation of right-of-way.

Sec. 2-9. Rights of Township in case of public emergencies.

Sec. 2-10. Township's authority to regulate and control right-of-way.

Sec. 2-11. Assumption of risk by grantee.

Sec- 2-12. Non-liability of Township.

Sec. 2-13. Indemnification of Township.

Sec. 2-14. Insurance.

Sec. 2-15. Information to be provided to Township.

Sec. 2-16. Supply requirements.

Sec. 2-17. Franchise fees.

Sec. 2-18. Reimbursement of enforcement costs.

Sec. 2-19. Reservation of Township's rights.

Section 3 Penalties:

Section 4 Repealler:

Section 5 Severability:

Section 6 Savings:

Section 7 Amendatory ordinances:

Section 8 Effective date:

This Ordinance shall become effective 30 days after summary publication in the official township newspaper.

The complete ordinance may be reviewed, inspected or purchased during normal business hours at the Clerk's office.

Pauline Bennett,

Township of Addison Clerk 248.628.3317

1440 Rochester Rd. Leonard, MI. 48367

Publish in the Oxford Leader, September 29, 2010

Adopted September 20, 2010

Effective Date; October 30, 2010

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