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Students maintain high rank in MEAP, ACT scores

September 29, 2010 - Lake Orion students' test scores topped county and state scores again this year, reports Director of Instructional Technology Linda Glowaz.

But what's new is every school in the district met the state's Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) requirements, including the high school, which missed AYP last year.

"This year, there weren't sanctions or anything for them, so that's a big plus," said Glowaz.

In the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP), LO elementary and middle schools students exceeded state average scores in all test areas -- English language arts/reading, math and science -- and hovered around or improved on last year's district scores.

In fourth grade reading scores, for example, 95 percent of Lake Orion students were at proficiency levels, compared to 84.1 percent across the state.

And the scores were an improvement on last year's 92.8 percent proficiency levels.

(Detailed results for every grade level and demographic are available at under "Annual Education Report.")

Eleventh grade students now take the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) in place of the MEAP, and the high-schoolers fared just as well as their younger counterparts.

Eighty percent met or exceeded proficiency levels in reading, compared to 71 percent in the county and 65 percent in the state.

In writing, 61 percent of LO students were proficient. (53 percent in county; 44 percent in state.)

Sixty-nine percent of district students met proficiency levels in math. (58 percent in county; 50 percent in state.) Glowaz said scores declined in math since last year, "but not my much," noting the drop was by four percent.

In science, 75 percent of students were proficient. (64 percent in county; 58 percent in state.)

And in social studies, 91 percent of students met proficiency levels. (82 percent in county; 79 percent in state.)

The same trends held true in the junior's ACT scores.

"Once again, we have exceeded both Michigan and county records," said Glowaz. Lake Orion students' scores were about one point higher than county averages, and two points higher than state averages.

Overall, Glowaz said, "We've basically stayed the same with our ranking in the county. The difference is, we're still very high, but other districts are coming up behind us and pushing their way up."

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