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A gift to remember Reschke

Roxanne Reschke, David Reschke and Katie Harp. Photo provided (click for larger version)
October 06, 2010 - David Reschke presented a gift to the Clarkston Community Schools district during the board meeting on September 27.

The gift was a piece of artwork by Marie Chick to be displayed in the Early Childhood Center.

"I am very happy to give to the district a gift from myself, my wife, my daughter, two grandkids, and golden retrievers," he said.

"It's a meaningful piece for us," Reschke added.

His daughter, Katie Harp, found Chick to commission the piece after talking to mom, Roxanne.

"Dr. Albert Roberts and I had a vision for a Early Childhood Center in the Administration Building," said Reschke. "Administration would be even closer to kids and see them on a regular basis. The vision came true because of our community in the last election for a bond."

Reschke worked for the last 25 years, serving as a teacher, deputy superintendent and most recently a interim superintendent when the board searched for a new superintendent. His last day is this Friday.

Chick, is a kindergarten teacher from Morse Elementary School in the Troy school district.

Wendi Reardon

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