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Oxford police log

October 06, 2010 - Monday, October 4 - There was a report of a juvenile female hiding in a slide tunnel on Mechanic. An officer responded and learned that it was just kids playing.

Sunday, October 3 - Someone stole a 2008 Yamaha from a unlocked shed on Sullivan sometime between Sept. 28 and Oct. 3.

*There was a report of a fight between 10-20 people on E. Burdick. Upon arrival, the responsible person had fled east on Burdick. Officers spoke with the people in the home and no one wanted to make a report.

*There was a report of two or three male juveniles throwing rocks at a building on W. Burdick.

*Police assisted the fire department with a possible stroke victim on S. Washington.

*There was a reporting of a subject urinating in a front yard on W. Burdick. The subject was gone when police arrived.

*A suspicious person was reported on W. Burdick. It turned out to be a teen standing on the side of the road by the cemetery.

Saturday, October 2 - A student's cell phone was stolen from a men's gym locker room at the high school. The incident is still under investigation.

*Two video games and an X-Box 360 were stolen from a home on Tanview. The homeowner returned home to find an upstairs window and a first floor sliding glass door slightly open. The homeowner also reported that a ladder had been removed from it's spot behind the shed and put back.

*An officer caught a male juvenile using marijuana.

*A caller stated that her son was assaulted at the high school.

Friday, October 1 - There was a report of a reckless driver who was driving all over the road on Seymour Lake Rd. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

*A person called and stated that a semi truck was chasing him. Officers were not able to gain any information about the responsible driver. The vehicle was gone when police arrived and the caller did not know where the vehicle went.

Thursday, September 30 -A woman on Market St. reported that money went missing from her purse two times over the last month.

*A juvenile was caught stealing headphones and deodorant from a store on N. Lapeer Rd.

Wednesday, September 29 - An accident occurred on N. Lapeer Rd. and Ray Rd. There were no reported injuries.

*A vehicle ran bus flashers on Glaspie.

*There was a juvenile complaint about skateboarders in the northwest lot. The kids were turned over to their parents.

*Some loud music was reported on Woodleigh Way. Contact was made and the responsible party assured officers that they were done for the evening and that it wouldn't happen again.

Tuesday, September 28 - A credit card was stolen from a wallet and used to make fraudulent purchases.

*An unknown suspect stole a cell phone from a truck on Cross St. Some decorative solar panel yard lights were also taken.

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