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'Hunting' not good news

October 06, 2010 - Dear Editor,

(In response to, A South Africa family affair, The Citizen, Sept. 25, page 3)

This not my idea of good news reporting. I was a appalled by the picture and the glamorization of making this little girl feel like a hero in killing this beautiful animal on a "trophy hunt." Hunting is to search for an animal, kill it and eat it. It should never be considered a fun sport thing to do. If this man wanted to truly bond with his daughter, try volunteer work together at a homeless center, soup kitchen or deliver meals on wheels. This would have saved him a lot of money as well as teaching his daughter that there are many people here in our own state of Michigan that need help and are living in deplorable conditions. This would have also made an improvement in our world by helping others. What did they really accomplish on this journey?

(In response to, A black bear for the records," The Citizen, Sept. 25, page 9) Also, this is another appalling picture that I cannot believe is published to make this hunter feel like a real hero with a big smile on his face, that he is the man! The disdaining attitude toward these beautiful animals really shocks me. First of all the animal was shot while coming around a live bait pile. I'm sorry but baiting an animal is not hunting, I believe hunting is searching. Is this just another trophy and not a source of food?

Shame on us all if we think this beautiful animal hanging on a rope is good news we want to see in The Citizen newspaper.

C. Trainor

Brandon Twp.

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