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Goodrich teacher insurance bad deal

October 06, 2010 - Dear Editor,

Goodrich teachers bring years of proven dedication and experience to the classroom every day.

We have great educators here that need our support. The school district wants its teachers to switch health insurance providers. The health insurance provider Goodrich Area Schools is interested in will not save the district money and will not give teachers the coverage we have discussed with them at the bargaining table. Why create a problem with an insurance change that will not benefit the district or the teachers? The Goodrich teachers are proposing a health plan that is more economical and beneficial and is from a Michigan-based business with 50 years of experience providing insurance to educators. We need to support our teachers by expecting our school administration to show their concern for our kids and community by creating an agreement where the teachers can continue to save the district money, provide the best education possible, and be valued as educators. We want to keep the Goodrich tradition of excellence. Please come to a board meeting or call your Goodrich administration and school board members.

Ask them to join the teachers in creating a win-win situation for everyone - especially for our children.

Dawn Robb

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