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Letter to the editor

Time is now for school board change

October 13, 2010 - Dear Editor:

I hope the voters in our upcoming school board election take advantage of this opportunity to move forward past the era of former Superintendent Roberts, and give our new incoming Superintendent Dr. Rock a fresh start.

I would like to point out that Ms. Elizabeth Egan, during the very meeting at which she was put on the School Board in April, voted to approve the hire of Superintendent Robert's personal pick for the very important post of human resource director.

The new HR director, the former communication director, came into this position without human resources experience. I wonder how Ms. Egan rationalized hiring someone for the $100k+/year and benefits HR director's position, who had no previous experience?

It doesn't seem like an entry level position. If the HR Director job is such that someone can walk in and take charge without previous HR experience, why does it pay $100k+/year and benefits.

I believe that the voters in the upcoming Clarkston School Board election should take this opportunity to hold our leadership responsible for their past decisions.

We should take this opportunity to elect a board member who isn't carrying any cronyism baggage from the Dr. Robert's era. We should vote for someone with whom the School Unions can negotiate with in good faith, and not be suspicious of because of past cronyism.

In this election, that person is John Schrei.

Jeff Gibbs

Independence Township

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