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City questions

October 13, 2010 - Dear Editor:

Eighteen years ago, we decided to be a city based on the vote of only 228 people. It was a noble experiment.

I have closely followed the city political activity for only the last eight years. I have heard all sorts of excuses for why things can't be done; there is no need to look at an issue because someone looked at it in the past, they were obviously smarter than we are, we don't have the money, we don't have the time, and we don't have the resources.

Our city manager has stated publicly several times, after someone asks if the city was in error, mistakes happen but it won't happen again, only to have yet another "mistake" happen. Some cost the city money, some are violations of state law, the same law our elected officials take an oath of office to uphold.

We get promises but little more even when the public and the courts tell them they are wrong. The elected council says nothing. It seems that as long as the taxpayers are willing to pay the bill, there is no need to do anything different.

Others, some of them running for elected office, say we must preserve and protect our small town. I agree but we have done a miserable job so far and what are their plans for doing any better? Incumbents running for office have said nothing at all. The mayor will again be running without opposition and will be the official representative of the city. What do you know about him?

I have talked to all of the candidates running for office. I commend all of them for being willing to serve. Some have good ideas and I believe all are sincere in doing what they think is best for Clarkston. I am sure all that preceded them were of the same character.

Unfortunately it has not worked, there is no plan for improvement and the economy is forcing us to look at what we have ignored for 18 years. There are only three weeks until the election. I encourage everyone to find out about the candidates and the city's situation.

I will give those elected a chance before I proceed with my petition to eliminate "city" from the Village of Clarkston. I have plenty of time and will use it for discussion with experts in Lansing to make sure the petition is done right.

The city has very little time, three years according to our mayor and city manager. I say less. Please attend City Council meetings, ask questions and demand answers. It is your money they are spending and our elected representative should never be allowed to say and do nothing.

Cory Johnston


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