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Keep feds out

October 13, 2010 - Dear Editor:

The president's recent summit on community colleges was of great interest to me. As if Mr. Obama did not have enough to do, with running GM and the banking system, he now wants to "support" and "help" our local community colleges.

This is the oldest political game in the book; dangle some money in front of a needy entity, get them to take the money and then implement your policies and political agendas. Does anyone believe the "support" or money coming from the federal government will be given without strings attached? Nothing from the federal government comes without a sign-off on the small print, i.e., strings.

Through property taxes, Oakland County residents paid just under $100 million to OCC last year. This represents 60 percent of the college's budget, which is then filled out by 30 percent from students and 10 percent from the state. We do not need some token federal contribution from the U.S. Government, which is more designed to redistribute our contribution to the college and implement the administration's policies than it is to actually help the college. I say, "Thanks, but no thanks!"

Let Oakland County residents who are paying more than 90 percent of the total budget decide how our local community college should be run.

As candidate for Board of Trustees for OCC, I am deeply concerned that in tough economic times, we will sell our souls for any form of revenue. I would rather have a college paid for by the $100 million tax dollars we already contribute than to be dictated to by a bureaucrat in Washington.

Dan Kelly

Indepedence Township

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