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Oxford police log

October 13, 2010 - Monday, October 11 - There was a report of a possibly contaminated syringe near a bench on W. Burdick. The syringe was found to be new and unused. It was turned over to the fire department for disposal.

*There was an abandoned auto in the SE parking lot.

*Two teenagers were spotted walking up and down Woodleigh Way and passing out flyers for home improvement. The teenagers were advised by police.

Sunday, October 10 - An unknown subject stole an air compressor from an unattached barn that was behind a residence on Metamora Rd.

*A disorderly conduct (public intoxication) was issued to a man on Senic Way drive. An Oakland County Sheriff's officer responded to a call to get a vehicle unstuck when the man's breath smelled like alcohol and he was having trouble walking.

*An officer pulled a driver over for a possible operating while intoxicated after the driver almost struck the officer's patrol vehicle. Tests showed that the driver was intoxicated.

*A caller on Lakeville reported there were unwanted hunters on her property.

*There was a possible road rage incident on E. Burdick and Glaspie St. Officer contacted and advised both parties.

*Saturday, October 9 - Pumpkins were reported to be smashed on Thornehill Trail on the roadway sidewalks.

*A caller reported that two parked vehicles were blocking his driveway.

*A caller reported a reckless driver on Lapeer Rd. and Flint St.

Friday, October 8 - An unknown subject entered a car that was sitting in a driveway with keys in it on Parker Lake Dr. and drove off with it. Police later did an area search and found the vehicle locked and undamaged behind the middle school. Police contacted the owner of the vehicle to report they found it. The owner requested nothing be done because he thought it might be a prank.

*There was an accident between a Ford van and a Chevy Silverado on S. Washington and Lincoln.

*There was an intoxicated subject on E. Burdick. The subject was transported to Brabb.

*There was a report of someone driving while intoxicated on M-24 and Ensley.

Thursday, October 7 - An accent light was broken off the top of a mailbox on Deer Path Trail.

*There was a report of an out of control teen at Oxford Middle School.

*Police assisted a motorist who needed directions of Oxford High School.

*There was a report of a water hose running in a locked fence area by a maintenance building on Pontaic St. Maintenance arrived and shut the water off.

Wednesday, October 6 - A caller reported that someone was fighting on Oakridge Dr.

*There was a report of a brown pit bull running loose on Broadway.

*Police were called to stop a fight that was happening in the backyard of a home on Woodleigh Way. One subject was transported to Crossroads for Youth.

*There was a report of a brown pit bull that seemed vicious running loose on Pearl.

*There was a report of an aggressive dog, possibly a pit bull, running loose up and down Lakeville Ct. The dog was gone when police arrived.

*A vehicle stopped in front of subjects on Ensley and Pearl and yelled threats at them before driving away and stating that they would be back. The caller asked for extra patrol to be done in the area.

Tuesday, October 5 - Two teens were reported to be walking around houses on Woodleigh Way. Police were unable to locate the teens.

*A pit bull chased the reporting person out of his apartment on Broadway. The reporting person was unaware of where the dog went and police were unable to locate the dog.

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