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Letter to the editor: Pavilion is an 'appalling distraction'

October 13, 2010 - Dear editor,

I am continually disappointed as Keatington Homeowners' Association (KHA) board members disregard the Michigan Business Corporation Act and bylaws that govern the association.

In years past, association members voted against building a pavilion on private association beach property for various legal and financial reasons, as well as for continued preservation of architectural integrity in the community.

Even though there has been no annual meeting/budget plan that proposes the building of this pavilion for association members to vote on (again), the board of directors are acting autonomously to build a 20-foot-by-44-foot pavilion without association membership vote.

As current property owners and family members of those first to build in this community in 1978, the appalling distraction from natural surroundings this structure would impose is no more attractive now than when it was voted down in years past.

Regardless of the reasons I could list for being against this idea, the most disturbing is that the elected board members disregard the covenant in which they are to aid and cooperate with members of the association and all property owners of this private association beach property asset.

I appeal to the Keatington Homeowners' Association board members to act according to the KHA By-Laws, bring this hidden agenda to light at the annual meeting scheduled for 7 p.m., Oct 21 at Waldon Middle School.

I urge all association members (in good standing) to come to the annual meeting to seek clarity from the board about how site plan approval was obtained from Orion Township for building a pavilion in excess of $28,000 (not including maintenance, liabilities, or potential legal restitution to non association member users of the pavilion) on private association beach property without membership vote.

Come to be informed as to how the 2011 Budget will cover these costs. Oh, also if you feel the existing board is not acting according to the KHA Bylaws, you can consider voting in new members.

Thank you,

Mark & Betty Young

Lake Orion, KHA Residents

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