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Letter to the editor

Support for Egan based on experience

October 20, 2010 - Dear Editor,

With all the recent changes in Clarkston Schools, there is still one constant. That permanence comes from dedicated parents and community members who volunteer countless hours to support our students, staff and families.

Elizabeth Egan is a shining example of this commitment. She has been an energetic volunteer for our schools since the first day her daughters enrolled in Clarkston Schools.

That day, she approached me with a wonderful idea to beautify the grounds at recently opened Independence Elementary, and also with the willingness to spearhead the project. Since that day her enthusiasm for our schools has not ebbed.

She has gone on to serve seven years in a variety of roles with the PTA including CHS and CJHS president and local council president. Elizabeth also has an impressive professional background having earned an MBA and working as a Business Analyst and Development Engineer for 18 years.

She has interest, experience and dedication to continue to serve our community as a school board trustee. Please support her with your vote on Nov. 2 so we can continue to benefit from her determination and professional skills in service to our schools.

Mickey Ginn

Independence Township

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