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Oxford police log

October 20, 2010 - Monday, October 18 - In Addison Twp., there was a report of larceny of a firearm and two larcenies from automobiles on Oak Trail. The incident is still under investigation.

*A lost wallet was turned into the village police station. The owner was contacted and was going to pick it up.

*Village police had to use a compressor to gain entry into a locked Chevy Lumina.

*There was a report of solicitors on Crestwood Dr. The woman did not know where they went after they visited her home.

*An alarm went off at a building on Glaspie St. Contact was made with the owner of the building, who reported it as a false alarm. The officer resecured the building.

*There was a suspicious vehicle reported on Pontiac St. It turned out to be teens in the vehicle.

*Police stopped a driver on S. Washington for operating while under the influence of liquor.

Sunday, October 17 - There was a report of malicious destruction of property to a truck on N. Coats Rd. A father let his daughter drive his truck to a party, and when she last saw the truck, which was early in the morning, it was undamaged. The father reported seeing heavy damage to the roof and hood of the vehicle later that afternoon. The daughter did not know who did it or how the damage occurred.

*Police tracked a runaway resident from Crossroads for Youth for over an hour before the K9 unit finally lost the trail. The resident was entered into the system as a runaway.

*There was a report of a dumpster fire on Pontiac St. Once the situation was taken care of, officers left the scene to follow up on a lead and questioned some juveniles at the skate park about the event.

*A caller reported an accident between a car and deer on Lapeer Rd. and Ray Rd.

*A caller reported that an unknown suspect tried to break into a house on Dunlap Circle.

*There was a report of an alarm going off on S. Washington. Upon further investigation, it was the housekeeping crew that set it off.

*Village officers tagged an abandoned automobile that was found on S. Washington.

*There was a report of marijuana use on Oxford Rd. and Ray Rd.

*A dog was reported to be barking all day long on Ensley. When police arrived at the residence, the owner was not at home, so the officer left his card with information on it and a warning about the dog.

*There was a report of a pitbull running loose in the area of Conda Lane and W. Burdick. The dog was gone when police arrived and officers said they would keep an eye on the area.

*A caller reported an intoxicated person in a store on S. Lapeer Rd.

Saturday, October 16 - There was a report of an attempted breaking and entering on Seymour Lake Rd. The complaint noted that an unknown subject tried to pry into the west bedroom window of a vacant property. Oakland County Sheriff's resecured the window and noted the damage to the window frame.

*There was a report of a driver operating a vehicle under the influence of liquor that was heading north bound from Drahner to S. Washington and Broadway.

*A resident at Crossroads for Youth was lodged in Oakland County Jail after he assaulted a fellow resident.

*There was a noise complaint on Oxford Lakes Dr. and Bay Pointe Dr. An officer found where the loud music was coming from and advised them to keep it down.

*There was a report of possible firecrackers going off on Pleasant. Police were unable to locate them.

*A suspicious person was reported in the SE Lot. The subject seemed intoxicated; police were not able to locate the individual.

*A caller reported children jumping off of a trailer roof on Laurel Leah.

*There was a report of skateboarders on the west side of a building on Pontiac St.

*A driver was reported to be driving while impaired on Lakeville Ct. and Glaspie St. The officer cleared the scene and returned to the station.

*A caller reported a skinned deer on the side of the road on Drahner and Lapeer Rd.

*A noise complaint was filed against an establishment on S. Washington Rd. Police spoke with the staff about the smokers outside who were talking and indicated to the staff that their voices carry. They were advised to try and keep the chatter down.

Friday, October 15 - The was a report of malicious destruction of property to multiple houses on Woodbriar Ct. A curse word was spray painted onto a picket fence, some toilet paper had been thrown into trees and a van had been sprayed with paintballs along the drivers side window and the license plate was sprayed with black spray paint.

*A car had been spotted running for over an hour on Crawford St. Police located the owner and the car was taken care of.

*Someone reported smelling gas in the NW parking lot. No word on who dealt it.

*There was a report of a vehicle running red bus lights on Lakeville Ct. and Glaspie St.

*A loose dog was reported to be running around in the area of East St. and Cottage Ct.

*An elderly male was spotted standing on the corner with a cane and when the reporting person stopped to see if the elderly man was ok, he did not respond.

*There was a report of two females climbing into an apartment on Pontiac St. They did not live there.

*A female reported that she was chased by three guys in the park near Hunter's Rill.

*A suspicious circumstance occurred on Lakes Edge Dr. A house that was known to be vacant had two cars in the driveway.

*A caller reported that an unknown subject threw something at this house on Broadway and was now hiding in the apartment complex behind his house. Police searched the complex, but could not locate the subject. The owner of the house reported that the house did not suffer any damage.

*A woman on Sunset Blvd. called the village police wondering why her son and other male juveniles were harassed in Oxford Lakes. She was advised that the police had nothing to do with that. The sergeant was sent to the address from where the woman called after they received a second 9-1-1 call. When the sergeant arrived, two teenage girls told him that there were no parents home.

Thursday, October 14 - A report was filed against a student on Oct. 14 who brought a closed knife to the Oxford High School Homecoming dance on Oct. 4. The student said that he had brought the weapon because a fellow student threatened to beat him up after he wrestled a female friend who received bruises after falling. The student also pulled the fire alarm on Oct. 6, causing the entire school to be evacuated. The student was referred to the Youth Assistance program.

*Oakland County Sheriff's issued a ticket for driving on a suspended license, speeding and no proof of insurance after a man was pulled over on Lakeville Rd.

*A woman dialed 9-1-1 when a door in her home opened unexpectedly. She hung up when she realized that it was her husband, who came home earlier than expected.

*An officer found a ladder leaning up against a building on E. Burdick. The officer checked it out and determined that a worker must have left it there by accident.

*There was a car accident on Pontiac St.

*A Pontiac Grand Am was found on S. Washington with two flat tires.

*There was a report of a man lying in the grass by the Polly Ann Trail. An officer checked and learned it was juveniles lying there and that there were no problems.

Wednesday, October 13 - A caller reported to village police that his license plate went missing from his vehicle. He was advised to contact the Secretary of State.

*A St. Clair Shores detective contacted village police to report that a stolen puppy was possibly located at an address on Sunset Blvd. Contact was made and no puppy was found at that address that fit the description of the stolen puppy. The village advised the detective of their findings.

*There was an accident at Seymour Lake and Sander.

*A young female heading north on Maple was soliciting for a business in Orion and followed by a tan vehicle. The area was checked and both the girl and the vehicle was gone when police arrived.

*A resident ran away from Crossroads for Youth.

Tuesday, October 12 - There was an abandoned Dodge Ram on W. Burdick.

*A rock was thrown through a window of the First Immanuel Church on Hovey.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on Park St. A car was driving up and down the street and stopping in front of houses.

*There was an operating while intoxicated reported on E. Drahner. Police were not able to locate the vehicle.

*The village police assisted in locating a runaway on S. Lapeer and Indian Lake.

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