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Letter to the editor: Bond equals 23 percent mil increase

October 20, 2010 - Dear editor,

A bond proposal to increase Lake Orion school taxes by 1.75 mils (23 percent increase) is being prepared, and will be voted on in a February, 2011 special election.

The voters in the Lake Orion School District will be asked to increase the school millage of 7.491 mils by 1.75 mils to 9.241 mils, so the school district can borrow $25.5 million.

It is important to clearly explain to the voters exactly how much they are now paying for education, and how much they will be paying if this millage increase is approved.

First, we need to explain that if 7.491 mils is increased by 1.75 mils, that constitutes a 23.36 percent increase over the current levy (7.491/1.75 = 23.36).

Second, the taxpayers in this district are also paying 6.0 mils for state education, 3.3690 mils for Oakland County Intermediate School District, and 1.5844 mils for Oakland County Community College.

All of these millages go to education. The taxes paid for state education are returned to Lake Orion Schools.

When these four taxes are added together (9.241 Lake Orion Schools, 6.0 state education, 3.3690 OCISD, 1.5844 OCC), the total millage for education (if the 1.75 increase is approved) will be 20.1944 mils.

On a home assessed at $ 100,000, the increase will be $175.00, but total taxes for education will be $ 2,019.44.

-Robert Leggett

Editor's note: The millage rates and other figures contained in this letter were verified by the Orion Township Treasurer's office.

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