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Coach: last game was preparation for this Friday

Gridiron gang suffers first loss to Farmington Hills Harrison, 28-6

October 20, 2010 - Looking at the stat sheet, Farmington Hills Harrison and Lake Orion were fairly equal on rushing and passing yards. So what's with the losing 28-6 score?

"We got beat by a very good football team," Bell said simply, adding that the Dragons just couldn't take advantage of scoring opportunities.

"Our defense really came around and put us in some good positions throughout the game, but it was our failure to convert when we were down deep," said Bell.

But there's still a silver lining to the gray blemish on the Dragons season: now they know what areas need improving.

"It was good to play a team as good as Harrison. We saw a lot of things we needed to see. There were a lot of lessons but a lot of good points, too," Bell said. "We had to be tested, we had to play somebody who's that good to let us know where we need to work. From a measuring-stick standpoint, it was a great game for us even though we didn't like the outcome."

And stockpiled with that knowledge, Dragons will head into the league championship game this Friday against rivals the Clarkston Wolves. The victor will not only leave with a trophy and bragging rights, but will also earn home-team advantage for several playoff games.

"They're very good defensively and offensively they're coming around. They've had some issues with their quarterback but they hang their hat on their ability to run the ball," Bell said, noting that his boys will have to eliminate mistakes on offense. "I expect it to be a very physical game, I expect it to be a game in which both defenses are very good."

In the last 16 matchups against Clarkston, Lake Orion's come away the victor nine times.

"It's a great rivalry. It's kind of like what Michigan and Ohio State used to be," said Bell. "It's exciting and every year it's something to look forward to. There's always a lot at stake and this year's no different. We have great respect for them, as they do for us."

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