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Letter to the editor: Stiffer marijuana laws are 'great work'

October 20, 2010 - Dear editor,

More good news on the marijuana front.

In an article by Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper dated Sept. 27, she assures all of us that marijuana dispensaries are illegal anywhere in Michigan, as does the MMMA, while an article by Sheriff Bouchard on Sept. 27 says the same, but also tells of a parent who had their 5-year-old son get a marijuana card.

Auburn Hills has banned all marijuana dispensaries. Waterford prohibits medical marijuana land uses and Royal Oak is on the verge of banning dispensaries also. New laws also ban synthetic marijuana and the like.

The federal government will enforce their marijuana laws in California, Proposition 19, if the ballot issue is even approved to legalize the mind-altering drug, said State Attorney General Eric Holder.

Elected officials take an oath to uphold the American Constitution.

State and local officials can be prosecuted by the federal government for 'Aiding & Abetting' in the establishment, growing, cultivating, selling of Schedule 1 drugs.

Keep up the great work, law enforcement.

John W. Hart

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