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Hooray for all these young boys, girls who hunt with dad

October 20, 2010 - Dear Editor,

(In response to: 'Hunting not good news,' The Citizen, Oct. 9, page 6):

Hooray for all these young boys and girls and their dads for taking the time to teach them the wonderful outdoor sport of hunting and enjoying our Michigan wonderland. The person that wrote that letter clearly forgot to add a first name to clarify if they were male or female. Older females tend to think young girls should be around the house playing with dolls or learning to knit. Times have changed and more and more females are enjoying hunting and shooting sports with the guys. If this person thinks shooting animals is bad, where do you think the meat in the store where you shop comes from? Hunting is a multi-billion dollar sport. Michigan. gas stations, mom and pop stores, motels, campgrounds and all their employees depend on hunters for their living year round. I have hunted for years and always photograph my hunts and have stuffed mounts of white tail deer on my walls and am proud of them all. Hunting is not just killing an animal, it's the enjoyment of being out in the woods on a quiet day, enjoying what God put there for us! Wild game is very low in fat and cholesterol and much better for you than the fatty meat sold in stores. The Citizen has always printed their articles for everyone, not just for a few that live in the past and seem to be negative against something they have never done or will never be able to do. If you don't like these stories and pictures, turn the page.

Ken Davis, Sr.

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