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Reid takes on Middleton for County Commission seat

October 27, 2010 - Tom Middleton of Clarkston, 65, Republican, lived in Fourth Oakland County Commission District for 13 years, married to Kathy for 43 years, three children and four grandchildren, running for reelection to Oakland County Commission, Fourth District.

His top priorities are balancing the budget without raising taxes and maintain the county' s AAA bond rating; create and keep jobs, protect and continue Oakland County Planning Division' s Emerging Selectors project for drawing new business to the county; and maintain quality of life.

"The county needs to stay focused on a solid fiscal plan to maintain our AAA credit rating. This excellent bond rating helps all units of government in Oakland County save taxpayers' dollars. AAA bond rating also attracts businesses that are looking to relocate, giving them the confidence that Oakland County is a fiscally well run county."

County services should be maintained with fewer employees.

"All employees will need to work a little harder, and we need to do things to keep employee morale up. Following a trial period, the county adopted a four, 10-hour work week in departments that were able to demonstrated its effectiveness."

Also a priority is creating jobs that provide services needed by seniors, making the county more senior friendly, in addition to creating more new jobs. Work as a team with the County Executive and the Dept. of Economic Development' s Emerging Sectors and Main Street program

"I am a lifelong resident of north Oakland County, have raised my family, farmed and had my businesses here and have been involved with local communities," he said.

"I' ve had hands on experience in cutting the budget and reducing taxes in the state legislature. I understand the workings of state government and have maintained a network of contacts which have been helpful in getting as many of our tax dollars back to Oakland County as possible."

He is willing to stand up to board leadership when he thinks they have strayed away from what is best for the county.

"I have a record of making myself available and listening to constituents, implementing their concerns in government decisions that affect their lives and helping citizens cut red tape."

Phillip Reid of Clarkston, 58, is a Democrat, 13 years in the community, married for 29 years, two adult children, and works as a system administrator.

Top priorities include strengthening the county's Emerging Sectors Initiative to diversify our economy by bringing new, high-tech industries and high-wage jobs to Oakland County, and create a "Buy Oakland First" policy to give Oakland County contracts to Oakland County businesses, and keep our tax dollars working in our communities.

Also, expand the county's Micro-Lending Program to provide loans to local entrepreneurs when Wall Street banks won't strengthening our tax base and creating jobs for Oakland County; and support the Oakland County Land Bank to help protect local property values and fight the damage of the foreclosure crisis that has hurt so many families.

His three most important issues facing the community, and how he would deal with them, are jobs, home foreclosures, and politics.

"I would promote putting Oakland back to work by promoting the county's Emerging Sectors Initiative, a 'Buy Oakland First' policy, and would advocate to expand the county's Micro-Lending Program as mentioned in my top three priorities."

Foreclosure is a tragic event for any family. It can also destroy entire neighborhoods. One foreclosed home can lower the property values of the whole block.

"I would promote using successful tools to put these homes back to productive use; restore property values in affected neighborhoods; help families with mortgage and foreclosure counselors."

He would also work to stop the no-bid contracts that waste precious tax dollars; promote to create an independent Board of Ethics to investigate complaints; and prohibit nepotism and cronyism at all levels, including appointees.

He would require all officials and appointees to file disclosure about potential conflict of interests, and make all county income and expenditures available online

"Voters should cast their ballot for me because I am not a career politician, but I am willing to serve. My opponent is a career politician, a 'rubber stamp' for the County Executive, and has voted against the initiatives I am recommending."

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