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City issues addressed by readers

October 27, 2010 - Dear Editor,

The story on Clarkston's expected mayor ("One man for mayor," Oct. 20) was informative and needed since he is running unopposed and didn't have to say anything. It is a good sign that he did given the silence that preceded him.

On the budget, "even two or three years out is speculation" does not instill confidence that we have any sort of financial security. The current council tells us as little as possible even as anticipated reserves continue to decline drastically and they continue to spend money that no one can find in the budget. The budget and the issue of historic, city, village or whatever we could be versus everyone else will be issues to watch in the coming year.

Stephanie Huber's reflections on "city of" versus "village of" ("Cityhood too costly") were some of the best I have read or heard. Agree with her or not, she had valid issues which need to be addressed. We have an election coming up with four candidates from the historic district and two from just outside to fill four seats. While not the only issue, it may tell us where Clarkston's sentiments lie. For the record however, while snow plowing in the Village may be "timely," major roads are not done by the village but by the county.

Waldon, Main Street, White Lake, Clarkston Road and some others will be cleared in the same manner they always have been whether we are a city or not and no matter what we pay in local taxes.

DPW has said that new vehicles will be needed soon but the city has no money to buy them. What will they do and what will get cut now that the DPW is the most expensive department we have with more the 75 percent of the municipal building area and by far the biggest capital outlay in equipment, materials and supplies? Of course they are also the only thing left other than government itself so the choices seem pretty simple.

Cory Johnston


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