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Three candidates for open state senate seat

October 27, 2010 - David B. Robertson, 50, Republican, a lifelong Michigan resident, living in Grand Blanc with his wife, Teresa, is running for State Senator, 26th District. He is a licensed insurance agent with the Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency.

"There can be no greater priority in Michigan than job creation," he said. "My greatest priority is to get government off the backs of taxpayers and job providers."

This includes restructuring state government in order to reduce costs and bring greater efficiency in the services provided, eliminating Michigan Business Tax and MBT surcharge, and thoroughly review all rules and regulations in Michigan.

"As state senator, I am committed to removing barriers to job creation wherever I may find them," he said.

This means lower taxes, eliminating burdensome regulation, and making Michigan more business friendly.

"Voters should cast their ballots for me because my positions on the issues facing our state are consistent with their own," he said. "I am pro-life, and believe in traditional marriage.

Candidate Paula Zelenko of Burton, 53, Democrat, is a lifelong resident married to William, with six adult daughters and nine granddaughters. She is in income tax servicing, serving on Burton City Councilwoman 1991-2000 and 2008 to present, and state representative, 2001-2006.

"One of the most important issues facing the community is jobs," she said. "We must create an environment for businesses to want to locate in Michigan. I would start by eliminating the MBT, give tax incentives/breaks to Michigan companies that employ Michigan workers, and penalize those that hire illegal immigrants or outsource by taking away any tax breaks and or their business license."

She would also cut spending, starting at the top, reform budget process, protect Great Lakes and ground water

"We need people in state government who understand the affects that lawmakers have on our local communities, schools, businesses and families," she said. "As a Burton City Councilwoman and a former State Representative, I have the experience in changing policy, working well across the aisle, prioritizing spending, and making tough cuts."

Mark L. Sanborn, 59, two-year resident of Davisburg, no party affiliation, is a 40-year Michigan resident with a son and daughter, consultant and trainer with Lean Manufacturing. 

He would work to amend state Constitution to reduce size of state government; make prison system self-funded within 10 years, and convert state contract award process from "sealed bid" to on-line "Live" bidding process.

Three most important issues are jobs, taxes, and the economy.

"All three of these issues are intricately linked to each other," he said. "We need to make Michigan a place that our current businesses can thrive in."

To alleviate problems that exist in government, he would first eliminate what the causes are that allow them to exist.

"Removing the opportunity for waste, nepotism, cronyism, and corruption removes any possibility for them to exist," he said. "My background is in the application of logical problem solving and waste reduction. I am an 'independent,' having no allegiance to any party. My only allegiance will be to "the people" of our great state and our country."

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