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Incumbent Kowall faces challenges

October 27, 2010 - Eileen Kowall of White Lake, 58, Republican, 29 years living in community, married to Mike for 36 years, with two grown daughters and one grandchild, is running for reelection to state House of Representatives.

Her top priorities would be jobs, public safety, and education.

"We must put Michigan in the top ten competitive states for job providers to do business in," she said. "Putting people back to work is the lynchpin to economic recovery."

Important issues facing the community include the local economy, local government funding, school funding. The answer to create a better business climate in Michigan, especially for small local businesses and entrepreneurs.

"I'm the only candidate who has the knowledge, experience and proven leadership skills and I have already been making the tough decisions, and votes, that will lead to a better tomorrow."

Challenger Phil Fabrizio of Highland, 61, is a Democrat, 25 years in community, married to Julie Fabrizio, with two children and a grandchild.

"I am a small business owner/attorney right here in this community. I represent abused and neglected children, disabled people, and Social Security Applicants," he said.

His top priority is bringing economic growth to the district.

"I am pledging to take an immediate 20 percent cut in pay and I will urge all my colleagues in the State Legislature do likewise. I am committed to voting against all tax increases, and to cutting waste out of State government."                  

Top priorities are jobs, restoring economic growth, and encouraging new development in our community.

"We need an effective, aggressive advocate in Lansing representing and fighting for our community," he said.

"This is my first time running for office.  I am not running because I have political ambitions, or that I need a job at taxpayer expense. I want to help the community where I live and and where my children are living and raising their families." 

Thomas Johnson of Clarkston, running on the Libertarian ticket, did not respond.

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