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School candidates at forum

October 27, 2010 - As a way to get voters ready for this Tuesday's November election, the Clarkston PTA Council held candidate forums for the last three weeks.

The final one was held last week with school board candidates John Schrei and Elizabeth Egan.

They addressed what they have to offer the Clarkston Community Schools district and questions from the audience.

Both were asked what their commitment would be if they were not voted to be in the trustee seat.

"I won't walk away from being a concerned parent," said Schrei. "I will still attend the board meetings. I will be there talking about the issues."

Schrei admitted he volunteers at Bailey Lake Elementary, even though his two children no longer attend the school.

Egan said she will continue her commitment to the district, even after her youngest daughter graduates in June, she is still invested because the students she teaches piano go to Clarkston schools.

"I will run again in two years when there are four open seats," she added.

They also shared their experience with budget management and making difficult decisions.

"I had to find ways to cut $10 million and only three ways to do it," said Schrei, a Publishing Director. He added he knew the budget cuts the district made in March were difficult and he would help to make tough choices.

"Every decision, every discussion impacts my children," he said.

Egan addressed public concerns about her being a "rubberstamp."

"I don't think I am a rubberstamp," she stated. "What you see is what you get. When our vote is split, it's a good. We are unanimous in some and not in others. We are having positive dialogue."

For more about the two candidates, check, or "Two Run for School Board" in our Oct. 6 print edition.

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