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Oxford firefighters have Orion for lunch

October 27, 2010 - There are some events in life that neither the printed word nor the photograph can do justice.

"Man vs. Man vs. Food II" was one of those events.

Sponsored by 'Wiches, located at 40 N. Washington St. in downtown Oxford, the eating competition pitted five Oxford firefighters against five Orion firefighters.

In the end, Oxford was victorious as the ravenous firemen devoured a 4.5-pound sandwich (known as the Wicked 'Wich), one extra-large deep dish pizza and a full order of cheese bread in an astounding 18 minutes, 38 seconds.

Teamwork, along with excellent hand-to-mouth coordination, was the key to Oxford's success as Carl Rose and Mike Upshur took on the sandwich, Kurt Fechter and Alan Adorjan tackled the pizza and Dustin McCoy went mano-a-mano with the cheese bread.

Poor Orion still had plenty of food left on its table as Oxford swallowed its last bites.

In honor of Oxford's victory, 'Wiches will contribute 10 percent of its weekend sales plus donations to the "Shop with a Hero" charity, an annual event in which needy kids, paired with local firefighters and police officers, shop for Christmas gifts at Meijer.

This was the second time Orion lost to Oxford in this eating contest.

Back in September, the Oxford High School varsity football team out-ate the Lake Orion hockey team. – Editor C.J. Carnacchio

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