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Ortonville Village

October 25, 2010 Synopsis

November 03, 2010 - Village of Ortonville

Brandon Township Offices

395 Mill Street

Ortonville Village Council meeting

October 25, 2010 Synopsis

Trustees Present: Skornicka, Champion, Eschmann, Batten, Nivelt, Green, Quisenberry

1) Approved agenda as presented.

2) Approved minutes of the October 11, 2010 Village Council meeting.

3) Accepted:

a. Treasurer's Report September 2010

4) Approved disbursements in the amount of $51,097.30

5) Held a Public Hearing for 2011 CDBG allocations and the reprogramming of 2009 CDBG funds.

6) Approved the resolution allocating 2011 CDBG funds for $4,000.00 Emergency Minor Home Repair, $2400.00 Public Services, and $1,600.00 Planning and Administration.

7) Approved the Resolution reprogramming 2009 CDBG funds for Senior Centers.

8) Received 2010 Oakland County Sheriff's Department quarterly report from Sgt. Burkett.

9) Failed to approve the motion to approve the transfer of $60,648 of cable franchise fees from designated cable fun 705-000-214 to the Charter Township of Brandon's general fund in 2011 and to remit $9,352 of cable franchise fees from designated cable fund 705-000-214 to the Village of Ortonville in 2011.

10) Approved the Motion tabling the matter allocating 2011 cable franchise fees until January 01 2011 to be reviewed at the same time as the annual budget for OTV is done as well as the annual contract for the person holding the position.

11) Approved the Motion to have the Planning Commission proceed with obtaining bids along the lines of work needing to be done and report back to the Council as to what their recommendations are.

12) Meeting Adjourned at 8.06 p.m.

Posted by Heidi Barckholtz, Village of Ortonville Clerk. A full copy of the minutes are available at the Clerk's office located at 476 Mill Street, PO BOX 928, Ortonville, Michigan 48462 or on the Village Website @

Publish in The Citizen 10-30-10

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