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Oxford police log

November 03, 2010 - Monday, November 1- Oxford police were asked to make contact with an individual on Sunset Blvd. who left her pickup parked at the Circuit Court building for the last four days. Police wanted to make sure she knew it was there and that it needed to be picked up. No one was home and police left a note.

*A caller was reporting a reckless driver behind the wheel of a Chevy Impala. The driver was heading north on M-24 when he ran a red light at Washington and Burdick. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

*Police received a call about an sedan running off of Clarkston Rd. and ending in a ditch. The caller also stated the older male driver was pouring alcohol out of the vehicle.

*Smoke was reported in the area of Glaspie. It smelled like leaf burning, but the officer was unable to locate the source.

Sunday, October 31 - Police gave a male and female a ride to a residence on Hosner from Lakeville Rd.

*Oxford police assisted the Lake Orion Police Department with a domestic that occurred on E. Flint St.

*Police checked an address on Broadway after they received a report of a missing juvenile. The juvenile told his mother she was going to a friends house on Broadway, but was not there. Police would call if he showed up.

*There was a noise complaint on E. Burdick for someone working on a house around midnight. Police made contact with the individual, who said he would stop working on the house.

Saturday, October 30 - Two unknown suspects were reported to be trespassing on property on Tanview and trying to break into a residence. When the trespassers were confronted by two individuals, the trespassers assaulted the individuals before fleeing the scene. The individuals stated that the burglaries were an ongoing problem and they believe that it was the same individuals who tried to break in earlier in the year. A short time after the incident, one of the subjects received a harassing and threatening phone call on his cell phone. The individual was trying to disguise his voice.

*There was a report of blood on W. Davison Lake Rd.

*A resident on Hovey called police and advised them that two male juveniles were in the garage of a vacant house across the street and that they took off with the for sale sign. While the officer was on the scene, a resident on Hovey and a resident on Dennison came out and said that it seemed like juveniles. The home and garage appeared to be secure.

*An electrical meter was taken from a house on Gill.

*A teenage girl was reported as being a runaway after she refused to come home. She told her mother that she was staying at her friends house because she was having a bad day and didn't want to come home.

*A resident from Crossroads for Youth was issued a citation and lodged in Oakland County Jail after he slapped another resident in the face because they had gotten into an argument about some raccoons being in the garbage they were picking up.

Friday, October 29 - A cover was pulled off an air conditioning unit on Glaspie St. Nothing looked disturbed.

*There was a report of a subject trying to get into a green van with a slim jim along Lakeville Rd. The area was checked and police were unable to locate the subject.

Thursday, October 28 - About $8,000 worth of sheet metal was taken from a residence on W. Drahner.

*A caller witnessed a suspicious vehicle near Davison and Pleasant St.

*A individual was bitten by a dog on Quail Ridge.

Wednesday, October 27 - A resident of Crossroads for Youth was charged with assault less than murder after he started choking a fellow resident who refused to give him clothes to wear because he got up late.

*An officer found an abandoned van along Lakes Edge Dr. After checking it out, he found that it was the van that was reported stolen earlier in the day.

*A disabled semi was in the road on S. Washington and Dennison.

*A caller on S. Washington reported that he had a subject in a store with two tape recorders on.

*A suspicious person was reported on Pleasant and Dennison. The subject was waiting for a friend to get off of the bus.

*A light pole was ready to fall down on N. Washington. Police assisted with traffic while the DPW got a traffic arrow in order to take the light down.

Tuesday, October 26 - Someone tried to break into a vehicle that was sitting in a parking lot at Oxford Middle School. Damage was found to the drivers side door lock. No entry was gained, but the lock was damaged to the point that it was inoperable.

*A Ford Taurus was found abandoned on W. Burdick. Contact was made with the owner of the vehicle, who was working on getting it out of there.

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