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3 votes to win

Even split for write-in votes

November 10, 2010 - With a 55 percent turnout, Clarkston's election for city council was a close one.

Incumbent winners Charles Inabnit received 184 votes, and Peggy Roth 162. Meanwhile for the write-in candidates, Richard Bisio took the win by three votes, with 161 votes. Challengers Michael Sabol received 158 votes and Frank Schoebel, 156 votes. Running unopposed, Joe Luginski received 268 votes for mayor.

"I was really starting to think the people of this community just didn't care and I think this election proved they do and I'm really happy about that," said Inabnit. "I thought it was a great campaign too, everybody was talking about the facts, no negativity. Our state and federal people could learn from that."

Inabnit said he felt this election was the best one, and it meant more to him than his appointment and first election.

"When you're the only name on the ballot, it's kind of a hollow victory. I'm thankful the people of this community put their trust in me and to the Clarkston News for their trust and support," he said. "I'll do my best not to let anybody down."

Roth said being on the council has helped her meet many new people and she's enjoyed it. She is also thinks it's good to have somebody on there that represents the retailers.

"I've learned a lot so I'm glad, Roth said. "I would like to sincerely thank the Clarkston News for not just supporting me in my run for City Council, but also for all the support they give to the other groups and events that I am involved, getting the word out there and promoting our city."

Bisio said he was excited about his new position and looks forward to serving on the Council.

"Mike and Frank worked hard and, especially through Mike's efforts, a lot of residents took a greater interest in this election. That is a good thing and I hope it continues," he said. "I can only imagine their disappointment at such a close loss and hope to see them continue to be involved in our city government."

Sabol said campaigning was not only a great experience for him, but also his family.

"I do plan to stay involved and expect to be at as many meetings as possible," he said.

Luginksi said he was thankful for former Mayor Stephen Arkwright and Councilman Mike Gawronski for their service to the city. Overall Luginski found the election to be very interesting and was surprised the write-in candidates got as many votes as they did.

"Between Peggy and the three write in candidates it was a total of six votes different for four people," he said. "I think that's just a testament to the people of the city with more people getting involved and getting out there and voting, as well as, the candidates themselves doing a great job out there and telling their stories."

Trevor graduated with degrees in English and communications from Rochester College. He wrote for his college and LA View newspapers before joining The Clarkston News in May 2007.
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