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Oxford police log

November 10, 2010 - Tuesday, November 2, a 14-year-old Orion Township girl was cited for trying to steal four bottles of cough syrup from a N. Lapeer Road retail store.

Three Oxford 17-year-olds were cited for disorderly conduct after it was discovered, that being bored was no excuse for dragging trees across N. Coats Road, causing a safety hazard.

Election law violation reported at the voting precinct on Pontiac Street.

Suspicious vehicle reported on Spring Lake Street.

Red Chevy Impala reported driving recklessly on E. Burdick Street, then driving northbound on M-24.

Wednesday, November 3, possible "drug deal" reported going down on Sommerville.

An angry customer, male, wearing a green bowling shirt and blue jeans, broke a glass door on his way out of a S. Washington Street cantina. He was last seen walking north, to another watering hole.

Aggravated assault on E. Drahner Road.

A 17-year-old Oxford boy was cited for trying to walk out of a N. Lapeer Rd. retail store without paying for a $159.99 in-dash DVD player.

Thursday, November 4, an 80-year-old Harwood Court woman passed away, under Hospice care.

Assault and battery on E. Drahner Rd.

Two wrought iron benches and a fire ring were stolen from an EagleTrail home.

Ten-year-old Broadway Street youth was being disrespectful and uncontrollable.

Fight at a Louck Street apartment.

Breaking and entering of a storage unit on Metamora Road.

Friday, November 5, a 43-year-old Oxford Township man was taken into custody for operating a vehicle under the influence of liquor. He was first reported to Oakland County Sheriff's deputies, after ordering a sandwich at a local drive-thru, whilst drinking a Budweiser. A preliminary blood test yielded an alcohol level of .203.

A 16-year-old Oxford youth was cited for trespassing and being in the possession of narcotics paraphernalia (pot pipe), after he was seen walking on Laurel Leah. The youth was walking in the roadway, with a black, hooded sweat-shirt on -- the hood, scrunched so tight around his head, as to not see his face. He reminded the deputy of a person of interest in recent cases of someone chasing area girls. When he patted the kid down, the pot pipe was discovered. He was transported to his mom's home and given the citations.

A "red-nosed" pitbull was reported running around Powell Street.

Saturday, November 6, soccer net in W. Drahner Rd.

Suspicious circumstances on Spring Lake Rd. -- a hatch to a vehicle "mysteriously" open. Fortunately, Oxford Village police officers were "able" to close said hatch.

Lost dog reported from W. Drahner Rd.

A Poppy Hill Drive lad found a discarded, digital camera memory card, which he gave to his dad. The dad plunked the card into his computer to see what was on the disk, finding three pictures of two-to-five-year-old youths kissing. He contacted the Oakland County Sheriff's Department, who confiscated the disk and are investigating. The children in the pictures, where clothed.

Sunday, November 7 A Lakeville Road church was broken into and change the Sunday-schoolers were collecting to give to local food banks, was stolen.

About ten youths, undoubtedly the apples of their parents' eyes, were outside a S. Washington St. business, "intimidating" older patrons. The thuggish youths were asked to leave the area around 9 p.m. -- on a school night, no less!

Monday, November 8, bike tires slashed on Louck St.

On Center Street, a "neighbor" sprayed their "neighbor's" four-year-old child with water, after said child chased the first "neighbor's" dog around.

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