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Recall Wartella —vote her off Goodrich Village Council

November 10, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I have heard of wanting a change, but in the village of Goodrich this one is a joke!

They went to a five person council meeting, to a three-ring circus with Patty Wartella— whipping her way through a meeting, firing the attorney that is in the middle of a lawsuit, to hiring a new one that she knows personally, without bringing references or anything.

Since your other attorney has already done depositions, I wonder what this might cost the village. And did the other attorney even know he was being hired? Patty had her two yes men—Jackson and McAbee—agreeing with everything she said, looking like paid clowns in her circus, not once listening to Rick Horton, or Pete Morey, who refused to hire a attorney they knew nothing about, and warned her that this lawsuit should be settled first. But to Patty Wartella, these two did not belong in her circus— these lions should go get in their cages.

Pete Morey has watched over the DPW for years, but since Doug McAbee is a retired janitor, Patty Wartella thought that a janitor would do a better job.

So Doug McAbee will now be overseeing the DPW. I only hope he does not get lost in his backyard that he seems not to be able to clean up himself, nor find his checkbook to pay all of his taxes.

Patty Wartella I believe is still on the mission to destroy the village. I only hope that the people in the village realize that if the county takes over your roads, that subdivisions, places like the grove would be last on the countys list to plow and take care of. Also remember that she has set up her council to do what ever she wants now, with Jackson and McAbee.

Recall Patty Wartella this time, and vote her off this council, if you want to save the village and your hard-earned tax money. Pete Morey stood up and resigned at the meeting, so upset with the whole mess, but has not put it in writing I only hope that the people in the village get behind Rick Horton and Pete to save the village again.

If this circus is able to destroy the village, I can only hope that the taxpayers in the township vote no to take them into the township, after all why would we want their problems, like the dam, the bridge on Dutch Road. Why would we want to pay for it, when we have alot of other bridges ourselves, that are old and in rough shape.

I hope to see a lot more residents at the next meeting Dec. 13 at the village offices!

Becky McAbee-Cummings

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