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Helping Hands: Erica Cale

Donations valued in Honduras

November 17, 2010 - On Sept. 25 we shipped off a 40 foot semi truck container. The container was loaded in Waterford, delivered to New York by train, and loaded on a ship for Honduras.

The container was full of wonderful donations such as furniture, clothing, shoes, food, cribs, toys, and so many more great donations that we are excited to put to good use here in Honduras! Thank you to everyone who donated items, helped pack items, and to everyone who volunteered their time to make this shipment possible.

The container arrived on Oct. 30 at 2:30 a.m. We had a crew of eight men and myself working through the night to unload the container and we finished in record breaking time at 7:30 a.m.!

Over 10,000 pounds of donations arrived here in Honduras, opening many new doors for our mission.

God truly has blessed this mission from the start and we are so thankful for everything that is put in its path. Every day there are new doors opening and so many wonderful opportunities for Helping Hearts Helping Hands and all the children and families we work with here in Honduras!

I would like to ask for special, extra prayers from all of you at this time. We are facing some struggles in the current orphanage home neighborhood, as safety is becoming a bigger concern. There are many crimes and gang related activity occurring on a daily basis, many that are putting us in extreme danger and we are praying to God for a solution to this situation. We feel God led us to this area to make an impact and change the lives of many children and families here, and know that God is watching over us and has big plans for this mission....we are just praying and waiting for Him to lead the way.

We ask you to pray for safety, guidance and courage for our mission and the children at risk during these times in this neighborhood.

I am so lucky to be living here in Honduras, fulfilling my dreams and doing God's work. I cherish every moment here and I love this life God has given me.

Overall, these past few months have been some of the most productive, powerful and impacting months of my life. I am so thankful for everything that has been done for this mission and everything we have been able to accomplish.

Erica Cale, 2008 graduate of Clarkston HIgh School, established Helping Hearts Helping Hands in Honduras, a family based non-profit organization, in 2007.

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