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Village of Goodrich deserves the best

November 17, 2010 - Dear Editor,

(In response to, 'Recall Wartella—vote her off Goodrich Village Council,' The Citizen, Nov. 13, page 11)

I am not surprised by the letter from my ex-sister-in-law. Becky Cummings is the ex-wife of my younger brother, Reid. They have been divorced for many years. She is Pete Morey's youngest sister and she does not live in the village.

It is hard to make accurate comments and learn all the facts when you are not in the room for most of the meeting. The Village of Goodrich deserves the best of all its citizens. Name-calling, obscenities, misinformation, and slams do not bring credit to anyone.

Our residents voted overwhelmingly for change. The village council wants the village to be prosperous and thriving long after all of us are gone. If we want this, we need to make changes now.

I am following what I learned as I visited over 300 houses in the village prior to the election. There is a lot of work to be done and we need to stay the course. We want to hear from village residents. I would like to see all of you at our next meeting on Dec. 13.

Doug McAbee

Goodrich Village Council

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