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Elected Goodrich change in our best interest?

November 17, 2010 - Dear Editor,

Voters of Goodrich need to be concerned about our new council after the first meeting held on Monday, Nov. 8, 2010.

It is important for the citizens of Goodrich to note the results of the new changes in our council membership resulting in their control. The two new members that have been elected into office, Jackson and McAbee, are yes votes for our new elected president of the council, Patricia Wartella. I would like to remind our citizens that Wartella was out to turn the village over to Atlas Township in the past and seems to be doing it in another way. What we have to do is look at the proposed motions that were made at the first meeting and see what she and the other two named newly elected council members are up to— ruining the community that we have worked so hard to preserve.

Changes in direction are good if it is done with professional decision making with care and thought. I am going to point out to our citizens the lack of professionalism that went on at the first meeting. A motion was made to fire our existing village attorney. This was done with no thought of the lawsuit that is ready to go to court pertaining to the building of our existing offices. Another motion was made to hire an attorney that gets much more money per hour and without a resume that the board could study. This motion alone could cost our budget over $15,000 just for the new attorney to review the data that we already paid our previous attorney.

A motion to appoint Doug McAbee as street administrator was another decision the new council made without any discussion of Mr. McAbee's experience, which this job demands. Pete Morey has done a great job for a long period of time for our community and has not charged a dime for his time or dedication to our community. Why would you change this position without discussing the facts in this case? I guess when the council is not professional the power of the job dictates without any common sense. I personally apologize to you, Mr. Morey, for the embarrassment this new council brings to our community.

The next motion was made and accepted to hire a company to do a professional study on the existing running of the village. The last time this was proposed, the cost was $8,000 and now it could be around $10,000. My point is that over the past few years our village has always operated in the black and last year alone we increased our reserves by some $50,000. Why would our community want to spend this kind of money for a well-managed operation when many other communities in our area have overspent and put the operation in the red?

The last motion was put up for discussion to contact the Genesee County Road Commission to take over our DPW and perform the services needed for our community. If the facts are known this would be a big mistake. The county cannot keep up now with their workload and their budget has been in the red, which has forced them to reduce their workforce. We would be put on the bottom of their services, which consists of snowplowing of roads, repairing roads including drainage structures, grass cutting of easements and our village park. Our community would surely suffer under these circumstances.

Citizens of Goodrich, we need to take a hard look at our new council and find that these changes are not for the good of our village and may be a start for vacating our village. This council has spent more money of our hard-earned tax dollars at this first meeting. Instead of saving money with these changes they are on a trend to put our community into the red. Is this what they promised us if elected? I know they promise change, but my question is, is it in our best interest?

Norman Bass, Goodrich

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