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Cards for a good cause

Jan Mayer created the artwork for this Christmas card, sold at Clarkston United Methodist Church to help those in need. (click for larger version)
November 24, 2010 - An idyllic winter scene graces this year's Christmas cards offered by Clarkston United Methodist Church.

"The scene is something I thought of from my trips going up north and to Europe it's no specific spot," said artist and church member Jan Mayer. "It's main purpose is to help others in the community."

She hopes to raise $1,000-1,500 for the Pastoral Emergency Fund.

"Jan did this on her own it's a great gift," said the Rev. Richard Dake, pastor at Clarkston United Methodist Church.

The money will be used to provide direct assistance to individuals who need help with food, gas, rent, food, and other needs, Dake said.

"Diapers, formula items to serve families' immediate needs," Dake said. "If it helps a family stay in their home, that's significant and it makes people aware of ministry."

They work with Lighthouse North in vetting, he said.

"Demand has increased significantly," he said. "Before, we'd have one or two a month. Now, we have up to several each week."

Clarkston United Methodist works with other churchs in the area to help those in need.

"If we don't have what is needed, we'll call other churchs and sort out who has what," he said.

Most live in the Clarkston and Waterford areas, with some from other areas such as Lake Orion.

"We try to help regionally, and take care of people in the immediate area," he said.

Cards are sold in the church ofice, 6600 Waldon Road. For more information, call 248-625-1611.

Phil is editor for The Clarkston News. He is a veteran of the first Iraq war, having served in the U.S. Army.
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