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Letter to the editor

Pastor differs on miracle of multitude

November 24, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I regularly read your Spiritual Matters column, often with intrigue and interest. I must react against the Nov. 3, article written by the pastor of Peace Unity church and Holistic Center in reference to the feeding of the 5,000.

True, this miracle is recorded in each of the Gospels. In each of the Gospels there is a very specific referent: Jesus took the five loaves and the two fish.

After they were blessed He had His disciples distribute them. What is the "them"? The five loaves and the two fish.

It was Jesus who was moved to compassion for the people and showed His care to them in this miracle, not some "magic trick" as Pastor Long cites.

Where did the 12 baskets come from? From the bounty of God's hand.

God, Who provides, does so in ready manner here. This is what God's Word teaches.

This, rather than man's interpretation, is the teaching to which we must hold.

Pastor Kendall Schaeffer

St. Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church

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