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Oxford police log

November 24, 2010 - Monday, November 22 - On Tuesday, November 23, a newspaper delivery man reported seeing a white male smash a vehicle window on Crestwood. A broken i-Pod was reported stolen.

*Two female teens were driving southbound on Lapeer Rd. when an unknown male pulled up next to them and exposed himself to them three different times.

*Police assisted a motorist who ran out of gas in the southeast lot.

*Suspicious vehicle was reported on S. Washington. The vehicle was parked in the same spot for two to three days. A message was left with the owner.

*Caller reported an elderly man walking along Oxford Lakes Dr. and appearing to be confused. When an officer approached the subject, he indicated he was fine and he was walking back from the golf course to his family's house on Thornehill Trail.

*Accident on Lapeer Rd. at Ray Rd.

*An unknown subject was ringing doorbells and running away in Waterstone.

*Accident occured on S. Lapeer and W. Drahner. A male stated that his wife hit her head, but she refused any medical treatment.

Sunday, November 21 - An unknown suspect entered a vehicle on Manitou Lane. Nothing appeared to be missing.

*Establishment on N. Washington requested an officer for standby after the owner thought 10 patrons standing by the back door were possibly going to be violent. The owner called back a few minutes later and said that patrons were throwing things.

*Caller reported a reckless driver on Lapeer Rd. near Ray Rd.

Saturday, November 20 - A right rear window was shattered on a Mercury Mountianeer while parked at an establishment on N. Lapeer Rd. It was unknown how the damage occured.

*A woman was issued a ciatation for retail fraud and possession of marijuana after she was caught trying to switch price tags at a local store. While checking her purse, officers found a partially burned marijuana cigeratte. She admitted to not having a medical marijuana card.

*A man was lodged in Oakland County Jail for driving while intoxicated.

*A vehicle was reported sitting at an establishment on S. Lapeer Rd. with no light on just past midnight.

*Loud noises and music were coming from a residence on Trillman Trail.

*A female resident on Broadway called and said that she felt threatened by her son, 16. No physical contact was made, just verbal threats.

*Junk was found in the road on N. Washington.

*20-year-old intoxicated male was trying to start a fight with people in the southwest parking lot. The male was taken to the Village station.

*A caller reported seeing some kids hanging out at an address on Broadway that were asked to leave earlier in the day. Caller requested a welfare check on "Uncle Charlie" because funny looking stuff was happening at the residence.

Friday, November 19 - A woman on Sunset Blvd heard noises coming from her basement and asked police to check it because she was home with two children. Officers checked the basement and the exterior of the house and did not find anything.

*Loud yelling was coming from an address on Brabb.

*Operating under the influence of liquor on Bay Pointe Dr.

*A stuffed animal was stolen from outside an establishment on N. Washington. A white female got out of a rusted Camaro, grabbed it and got back on the passenger side. Vehicle left on W. Burdick and appeared to be heading back towards S. Washington.

*A caller on Oxford Lakes Dr. dialed 9-1-1 to show children how to use 9-1-1 in an emergency after a recent intruder broke into a neighbor's home.

*A vehicle broke down on S. Washington and E. Burdick.

*Subjects were meeting friends after hours at the skate park. Police asked them to leave.

*Report of a male subject, possibly drunk, walking on the side of S. Lapeer and Drahner.

*A male subject was ticketed for being intoxicated after police found him while he was walking along Lakes Edge Dr. He was then driven to his home on Dunlap Circle.

Thursday, November 18 - Report of three teens, two male and one female, walking along Lakes Edge Dr. Caller thought the female might be under the influence of something because she could barely walk. Police were unable to locate the teens.

*Subjects were skateboarding off of the gazebo in Centennial Park.

*An intoxiacated man ran into a females house on E. Burdick claiming that his house was on fire across the street. The male was cited for disorderly conduct.

*A caller took an officer to the fort area behind some houses on W. Burdick to where it appeared that some juveniles were burning wood in a pan. Officer advised the caller to call if any suspicious activity was seen.

*Officer heard noise at an address on Glaspie. It turned out to be a homeowner working.

*A caller requested a police standby at an ATM on Washington St. while the caller gave some money to a friend from 10 years ago.

*A suspicious person was reported at Daniel Axford Elementery.

Wednesday, November 17 - Dragging noise was heard on East. St. Officer checked the area and was not able to find anything.

*Child was locked inside a vehicle on Pontiac St.

*A 14-year-old boy was locked out of his house on Highland. When the mother came home, the boy's backpack was there, but the boy wasn't.

Tuesday, November 16 - A home on Granger Rd. was broken into. The backdoor to the home was slightly open and the house was in disarray.

*A juvenile tried to steal an electronic game and some health and body care products from a establishment on N. Lapeer Rd.

* Property damage on Lakeville and Glaspie.

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