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Letter to the editor

Resident favors sheriff service

December 01, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I've lived in Clarkston my whole life, born and raised. I just want to say that the Oakland County Police department taking over for the local police is one of the best ideas that this town has ever had.

Although I've had some great experiences my whole life in this town, the Clarkston police never played a part in any of them.

They were always very rude towards this citizen and this isn't just coming from me, I always heard stories about them that were negative.

They bullied their citizens rather than giving them a sense of protection. It seemed as if they just thought they could do whatever they wanted because they had a badge which is very unprofessional and immature. Now on the other hand, the Oakland County police have always been respectful towards their citizens.

They always gave a more protecting vibe and it will also save much money, which as we all know is a problem in just about any small town in America these days.

All I'm really trying to get through to you guys with this letter is bravo for abolishing the Clarkston police.

This is one of the best ideas this town has had in my life and I feel that in the long run, this will make for a happier community.

Thank You,

Max Baker


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