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Morse leads Icers in win over South Lyon

December 01, 2010 - It wasn't the ending the Wolves wanted on Saturday afternoon as Farmington won the trophy in Clarkston's First Annual Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament.

The Falcons beat the Wolves in the championship, 3-0, to claim first place at the tournament.

"We didn't play very well," said Clarkston Varsity Hockey Coach Bryan Krygier. "The third goal hurt us and we couldn't get any shots on the net. We had opportunities."

The Falcons outshot Clarkston, 2-1, putting 27 shots on the Wolves net during the night.

The Wolves snuck in 13 shots on goal.

"We need to push the puck toward the net," said Krygier."Farmington doesn't allow a lot of shots and we didn't have a lot of quality shots. If it's not going to the net, we are not going to score."

Clarkston made it to the championship round after defeating South Lyon on Friday night, 6-5.

The boys were behind going into the third period, 4-1. They rallied scoring four points and pulled themselves into the lead.

South Lyon scored their final goal with 1:25 minute left to go in the game, putting both teams in at five and sending them into overtime.

The Wolves sent South Lyon into the consolation after scoring their sixth and final goal.

"We didn't play two periods," said Krygier. "We played the third period which was good. We finally woke up."

Senior Austin Morse scored a hat trick during the game and scored the winning goal.

"It was good," said Krygier. "I was happy to see he got a hat trick. It was important for him and gave him confidence. It was a good start for him."

He scored his first goal 10:18 into the second period, tying the score to South Lyon's one goal.

Junior Brad Pizzey was the next Wolf to strike and scored on a power play, 5:18 into the third period. He added one more before the period ended.

Senior Macario Torres also took advantage of South Lyon being a man down and scored his goal during a power play with less than five minutes to go in the game.

Assists came from Pizzey, Nate Lowell, Chad Wotton, Adam Matynowski, Connor Hughes, Dillon Drayer and Adam Johns.

Goalie Troy Fasseel had 24 saves during each game.

South Lyon went on to play Brighton in the consolation round, where they lost their second game in the tournament.

Brighton scored two goals with less than ten minutes to go in the game to win, 5-3. They finished in third for the tournament.

Though the boys won their first game, Krygier noticed they still need to work on a few things as they head into their third week of games.

"We are not playing disciplined," he said. "We are not making good decisions with the puck."

Clarkston goes into their home games this week with a 2-2 record.

"We work harder in practice," Krygier said going into this week. "The things we practice are to prepare us for the games and bringing it to that level. We need to bring what we practice to the games."

They play Salem on Thursday, at 5:45 p.m. and Troy-Athens on Saturday, 8 p.m.

"The guys need to wake up and play how we practice," said Krygier. "We can't revert back to old habits."

The games are held at Detroit Skate Club, 888 Denison Court in Bloomfield Hills.

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