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A Look Back From The CNews archives

December 08, 2010 - 15 years ago - 1995

"New high school over budget" architects told the school board the total project might have been more than the bond issue could cover. They suggested modifications including deleting six classrooms. The school was expected to be filled to capacity the day it opened, about 2,000 students.

"School board gets tough with new weapons policy" School board took a step towards implementing a "zero tolerance" policy, prohibiting all weapons, or anything that could be used as a weapon, on school property. Clarkston High School was already a drug-free zone and smoke-free zone.

"City approves police video system" Clarkston City Council voted for a $10,000 VHS videotape system for the city's two patrol cars. Chief Paul Ormiston predicted video systems would become as standard as shotguns in police cruisers.

25 years ago - 1985

"Facing the crowd" Jeremy Hargis played the Wicked Witch to Jeff Waite and Lisa Carter's Hansel and Gretel in the Clarkston Junior High drama "Hansel and Gretel and Friends."

"Party, historical style" About 125 people attended Clarkston Community Historical Society's annual Christmas Party at the historic home of Sharron and Clarence Catallo in Clarkston. The Catallos transformed the former church into their residence and hosted the party for years.

"Mediplex gets final site plan OK" Some observers joked that Neil Wallace's Independence Township Planning Commission motion to OK the site plan for a proposed Dixie Highway medical complex took as long as Springfield Township's entire meeting. The project was on the border of the two township's and needed both's approval.

50 years ago - 1960

"DAR Good Citizen chosen" Clarkston High School student Linda Chapman was chosen the Daughters of the American Revolution award for Clarkston. She was editor of the school newspaper and copy editor for the yearbook, and was also members of the band choir, and Future Teachers Club.

"Clarkston local" Albert Cohoon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cohoon of Clarkston, graduated from Navy boot camp, ready for duty with the fleet as a Navy Bluejacket.

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