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Letter to the editor

Reader saw tolerance for artist

December 08, 2010 - Dear Editor:

A community that put up with endless delays in seeing a very public project continue year upon year, is tolerant (in regards to "Artist wishes mural teaches lasting lesson of tolerance," Dec. 1).

However, even the most tolerant person is justified in expecting only reasonable delays. Mr. Sherman certainly showed an amazing amount of tolerance toward the person he hired to submit a plan and complete the plan within a determined amount of time. Unfortunately he, as well as the community, were disappointed.

Yes, an artist should be free to have self determination on the content of their work. However, this was a commercial venture which depended upon approval by the building owner of a submitted rendering with a determined deadline. Ms. Tynan decided to ignore both.

Ms. Tynan stated that she "does not feel ashamed of having been the cause of the business owner having lost money and being embarrassed."

Since you presented yourself as an organized professional offering your services at a price, it was your obligation to work in a professional manner within the agreed upon parameters set by your employer, which you did not.

It amazes me that Ms. Tynan can interpret the community's objection to her work as that of those who are snobs. Even those enamored with her work objected to the length of time it was taking to complete. I suggest that Ms. Tynan apply the meaning of the word to herself.

Snob: "displaying an offensively superior condescending manner," Encarta at World English Dictionary.

Yes, I would definitely describe Mr. Sherman as well as the community as Tolerance Personified.

Marilyn Parke

Independence Township

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