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Letter to the editor

Pastor appreciates different view

December 08, 2010 - Dear Editor:

I would like to thank you for your Spiritual Matters column and for allowing a variety of viewpoints to be presented. I would also like to thank Pastor Kendall Schaeffer of St. Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church for his letter published in the Nov. 24th Clarkston News. I was contacted by a member of the community who was interested in receiving a copy of my original article, published Nov. 3rd, after reading his letter.

I took the opportunity to call Pastor Kendall because I agree with most of his points and I was not clear as to what he "must react against" in my article. I did not suggest that Jesus utilized "magic tricks", quite the opposite.

On this point the pastor and I disagree. We both have our authoritative references, so in the final analysis it comes down to a difference of opinion.

I honor Pastor Kendall's faith, just as I hold in a place of honor all faith traditions. Each offer a piece of the puzzle without which we could not see the bigger picture. As I am fond of saying, God is too big to fit inside of one religion.

Blessings of peace, joy & love

Rev. Matthew E. Long

Peace Unity Church and Holistic Center

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