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Letter to the editor

Another side to Clarkston Junior High

December 08, 2010 - Dear Editor,

In regards to "Bullied out," Dec. 1 edition of The Clarkston News, I feel it is my responsibility to share my thoughts on Clarkston Junior High, which I feel has been misrepresented when it comes to bullying.

I read about an eighth grade student who recently switched to home schooling after experiencing problems with bullying at the junior high. I completely respect her decisions and opinions, but as a ninth-grade freshman, I view my school in a completely different way.

Even though the hallways are crowded, I find them crowded with classmates I have grown up with. A couple of them might have made, or have been making, the terrible mistake of bullying, but I mostly see good-hearted, funny people I have come to love since I have been in Clarkston. Also in the hallways I see teachers from last year who wave hello and ask me how I've been, and I see current teachers who say, "hey, see ya next hour!"

I see fliers on the wall advertising tons of student made clubs, organized by administration for after school. I see posters made by our own junior high leadership team advertising awesome spirit weeks and dodgeball tournaments.

Even though the junior high definitely isn't all fun and games, I feel safe and proud to be a student there.

Whenever there's a tough unit in math, there's always a teacher who will come in early to help you, and for every kid who does something inconsiderate and wrong like bullying, there are 10 kids who would stop and help you pick up you books if you dropped them, which I have seem happen multiple times.

I'll admit school isn't my favorite thing to do, and not everything about the junior high is perfect, but I am proud to go to school here, and this June when I leave the school for good, I know I'll never forget the friends I have made, the crazy sports practices I somehow made it through, the nights where I thought I was never going to be done with homework, and the exams I get so stressed out for.

The thing is, I would not want to go through any of these things that go along with being a kid and growing up anywhere else.

The Clarkston Junior High student

asked to remain anonymous

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